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“Play is the highest form

of research”

Albert Einstein

Play Seminar

Did you know that innovators like Google, Apple and Virgin are among those who regularly use a “Play” strategy to produce more and better ideas?

Innovators who “play” are more collaborative and persistent in their process and are more likely to surprise us. The good news is that we all have imagination and we all know how to play, so, with time and encouragement we can all get to be creative. This is the knowledge that all innovative and successful companies apply in their teams. What does your organization already do?

But what happens in a Play Seminar?

The Play Seminar is a place of inspiration and networking. You will get in contact with practices based on the concept “Play and Learn” that allow you to train and motivate work teams for solving problems creatively and produce more ideas. If you are an innovator yourself or if your job is to inspire your  team to innovate, then you have to understand the true nature of creativity.

Oh, and you will learn through play, so make sure to leave the high heels and the tie at home and get ready for fun.


  • Be more creative and collaborative
  • Being able to “Ideate” more effectively
  • Expand your network
  • Encourage your team to be more creative
  • Understand and explore professional techniques of “Play” to improve the organisational culture of your company
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